A revolutionary product guaranteed to add miles to your gallon of gas!

      Up to 30% more miles per Gallon

     Works on diesel and gas engines

 Road tested by long haul truckers & RV owners

  The average long-haul trucker averages 5 to 7 mpg depending on load, terrain and road conditions. 

  Diesel fuel is projected to average around $4.92/gal in 2013. 

  Most long-haul drivers average 100,000 miles/yr.

  Truckers with a 20% increase in fuel savings using the Silver Bullet save on average $20,000.00/yr in fuel costs.

                    The Silver Bullet:

    Is not an additive that has to be replenished.                                            

    Is not an electronic device subject to failure or corrosion.

    Does not require servicing of any kind. 

    Does not alter the composition of your gasoline.

    Does not require any modifications to your vehicle to work.


          The Silver Bullet will give better fuel mileage,    

         protect your engine, reduce emissions and help save the environment

5 year replacement Warranty

Made in the U.S.A.